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EIN Number Application

What is an EIN?

An EIN or Employer Identification Number is allotted by the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service to be given to any business as their proof of identity. It is given for the tax commitments of a business. It is almost like our TIN or Tax Identification Number only that the IRS is the one that distributes it. The EIN is used only for management of the business tax and not for other types of taxes like sales tax and the likes. Therefore, businesses are required to have an EIN.

What is the purpose of the EIN other than identity and tax purposes?
An EIN is a requirement in order for a business to open a checking account. We all know how a checking account is essential to any business there is, especially those that rely most on online transactions.

Here, is a Reminder on getting an EIN.
There is now a limitation on the number of Employer Identification Number that you can get every day. This has been in operation since the 21st of May year of 2012 wherein the Internal Revenue Service will only give out one EIN per day to the acting manager, overall holder, general partner, proprietor or representative of the business. This is for the purpose of giving the same and impartial dealing to each and every person who pays their taxes.

What is the best way to get an EIN for your business?
An online application of the EIN is now available. This is the method that most applicants choose rather than going to the nearest IRS station to get theirs. With the online application of the EIN, you would only need to fill up a certain form. The application is also verified online. Therefore, the issuance of the EIN is very fast and hassle-free. The online application is available for any business that is in any territory of the USA. Types of businesses accepted may be general businesses like corporations and LLCs, an office, or an agency. If you have a business that is managed by yourself then, you are also qualified to get the EIN over the internet.

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, will provide you the best service in obtaining the EIN for your business online!
We will process your EIN application online for only $95.00! This is our way in making your EIN application faster and more convenient especially for business owners who are too busy to go through all the hassles of the application. All you have to do is send us your order through our online form. You can also call us from 8 am to 5 pm (PST) Monday through Friday for more inquiries.

Reminder: The application requires the TIN, SSN, ITIN, or EIN of the business’s responsible party.
After receiving your order, we require a contract signing and completion for the payment of the ordered service. This can be done over the phone or online. Then, we will send you an email that has the form SS-4 that should be filled up as a requirement for your EIN application. The form should be sent back to us after it has been filled up. We shall then process and verify your EIN application form then submit it to the IRS for issuance. We shall call or email you in the next three days to provide you with the completed application and your business’s EIN.

Form a Non-Profit Corporation Today

To form a nonprofit corporation is like the regular corporation but will have a tax exemption status. You want to start your own tax-exempt organization; you have come to the right place. Our services will help you to establish protection and credibility for your Corporation. The nonprofit Corporation is used for purposely for educational, religious, scientific and others. It will provide your business legal protection to separate your personal assets from the undertakings of the Corporation. Like all other types of business, the nonprofit corporation needs to have a license to operate which has offices and to use given name by the state.

You can start to form a nonprofit corporation, and we will help you meet the requirements that IRS set forth to have a tax exemption status. There are a number of benefits that you can have from forming a nonprofit Corporation with us. The nonprofit corporation is that does corporate purpose for the benefits of the general public without stock holders and any other takings. This kind of corporation can pay reasonable salaries of the business. The ownership of this corporation can easily be transferred through the sale of the assets and shares.

Benefits from Forming a Nonprofit Corporation

– You can enjoy the following benefits when your corporation is qualified to have a tax exemption status. Since the nonprofit is a corporation, it also has the benefits of corporate status.

– The nonprofit corporation has limited liability and provides protection for the officers and members. It separates the personal assets and liabilities of the owners from the corporate debts and actions.

– Nonprofit Corporation can apply for tax exemption status, to exempt the corporation from income tax and all other taxes.

It gives eligibility to receive public and private grants. The nonprofit Corporation with tax exemption status can qualify for grants and funding. The donors of grants prefer to contribute to nonprofit corporations because it will be deducted when paying their taxes. To make it simple, the donors can make the tax-deductible donations.

– Other nonprofit Corporation benefit is when the director leaves or passes away you don’t need to worry because it has perpetual existence. To dissolve the nonprofit corporation, it must take legal actions to terminate.

It is possible from exemption of property taxes and making application for special rates and even postage at a reduced rate.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can get when forming a nonprofit corporation. Consider to avail our services to help you with fast and easy formation. So start protecting your assets now with the nonprofit Corporation. You want the tax exemption status seek our help and place our order online.

Protect Your Personal Assets with Our Nonprofit Corporation Formation Services

You can call our online support to give you our best business specialist. We guarantee to give you appropriate information that you needed in forming a nonprofit corporation and maintain your entity for you annually. Go to our services and order now.

Form a Partnership

In forming a partnership, it allows people to share the risks and benefit of a business venture with one or more partners. This kind of business will have the same result with your partners and the same contribution of money and making decisions. The partnership goes toward the same mission and goals and then share profit and even losses upon the shared agreement. It is a form of business where two or more people come together to establish a new business with the same interest and concept in mind. The partners are all equally liable to the business undertaking.

Each of the members in partnership is responsible for the actions that will be taken in operating the business. It is very fast and easy to register a partnership. The partnership works well if you understand and agree with the decisions of each other. Furthermore, a partner can not only give money and capital to contribute to the business, but he can incorporate his other business and industry in the partnership.

Partnership Benefits

– The partnership form of business is simple and can save you time and money to start. The partnership registration can offer more of freedom to the owners because they have shared tasks and goals of the business and have the potential to earn great profits.

– The partnership form of business, one can withstand the business while the other is absent, with illness or have other commitment.

– In partnership form of business, it can be easy and reasonable to set up because there are more owners that will shoulder the capital and sharing of responsibilities. You combine all of your resources with your partners in forming a partnership.

– The partnership form of business is simple to dissolve and at the same time can easily recover your share of investment.

In a partnership, all of you will work on the same goal and share with different tasks to achieve the mission for your own profit.

Service To Form A Partnership

In forming a partnership, you need to consider going the general process to have a legal authorization in operating your business. We can help you to go about this legal process and provided by our basic and complete services. The partnership is far better that sole proprietorships because of the benefits it can give to the owners of this kind of business. We will help you to decide what kind of partnership is better for you.

Our service will help you with the extensive process of starting up your business. These include filing business license and get the EIN or Employer Identification number for the course of your business. Things need also to consider is listing of all owners and write the partnership agreement. Another is we will help you to establish credibility for each of your partners. Set the guidelines and procedures for settling any arguments which might arise while operating the business. We have business specialist to help you with any legal action that should be taken and feed you with some knowledge that business owners need to know.

Mail Forwarding Services

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, offer the best Mail Forwarding Services together with more business services as our way of providing you with efficient solutions to your business troubles!

We want to be the most efficient outsourced company for your business. This is why we even provide you with mail forwarding services to keep your mails in sure hands that will deliver with the best quality. However, we only offer this type of service only in the United States. We make our regular mail forwarding services done through our office located in the state of Nevada. Our service can be availed by both individuals or even by businesses that need mail forwarding services. You can even send in your mails through our company address then forward it to your given address.

If you will avail our Virtual Assistant Services, it comes with the Mail Forwarding Services as well together with all the services that the Virtual Office goes with.

Through our Virtual Office Services, you shall be given a Nevada mailing address wherein all your mails and packages will be dropped off. It is also the address that we will be provided as your virtual office address. We accept US Mails, UPSs and FedEx packages to be forwarded to your true location or any given address. The usual forwarding of mails is every once a week. The mails shall be forwarded to you via a high-quality courier that will surely deliver to any part of the United States. You shall be billed with the shipping fee, if you avail the mail Forwarding Services together with our Virtual Assistant Services.

However, the payments will be different when you only avail our Mail Forwarding Services.

Here, is a list of our Mail Forwarding Packages:

A. We will forward two mails that will have a total weight of nine ounces. This process shall be done once in every month. The payment for this service is $60.00 per year of availing the Mail Forwarding Services.

B. We will forward two mails that will have a total weight of nine ounces. This process shall be done twice in every month. The payment for this service is $120.00 per year of availing the Mail Forwarding Services.

C. We will forward mails that will fit into a priority envelope regardless of its weight. This process shall be done once in every month. The payment for this service is $120.00 per year of availing the Mail Forwarding Services.

D. We will forward mails that will fit into a priority envelope regardless of its weight. This process shall be done twice in every month. The payment for this service is $240.00 per year of availing the Mail Forwarding Services.

E. We will forward mails that will fit into a priority envelope regardless of its weight. This process shall be done once in every week. The payment for this service is $480.00 per year of availing the Mail Forwarding Services.

How to avail our secured and sure-delivered Mail Forwarding Services?

All you have to do to avail this quality Mail Forwarding Services brought to you by the Acacia Business Solutions is through submitting your online form order online. However, if you still have some more questions regarding our Mail Forwarding Services, and would want a specialist to fill you in then, you call talk to us over the phone. Our phone number is 775-841-1876. Our lines are open from 8 am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time from Mondays through Fridays. Before we provide you with our services, the contract of the ordered service shall be signed. We also require full payment of service before we deliver. The Mail Forwarding Services will start after receipt of your payment has been generated.

Online Business Marketing

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, offer marketing for your online business through creating a basic web presence.
Businesses are all going online today because most of us use the internet as their main source of information. This is why it is a very smart idea to endorse your company or Corporation online. You can either contact an online marketing specialist like us, the Acacia Business Solutions, to provide you with your business marketing needs over the internet through our first-class services.
What our online business marketing services could provide you?
•    We will provide you with an email account that is designed to your preference. You can use the email account for petitioning email accounts of your former or current customers, and probable customers in the future. This will enable you to update them on your latest or future projects, products, or services. You can use the email account as an advertising mean that will surely cost you a minimal amount of cash. It will help you reach the market that you target for or what the gurus call as ‘niche’.
•    We will assign you with a domain name of your choice such as info@companyname.com.
•    We will provide you with a domain set up service to help you have a fresh and good start on an online business.
•    We will provide you with webpage creation services. This includes designing a basic yet professional design for your homepage. This also includes additional three webpages where you can put in your company facts, contact particulars, gallery or portfolio to provide information and attract customers and visitors to your website.
•    We will edit your website content to give a boost on your website’s views that will lead to having higher page ranking and more profits to your online business.
•    We will set up your website to be an established website for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trade. We will provide your website with Meta tags, a striking web page description, and an XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is an essential part when building an online business as this will greatly help in boosting your site’s page rank.
•    We will submit your website to over 200 website directories including top ranking SEO sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This process will also help establish your website for the SEO industry.
•    You can get all these amazing online business set up services for only $250.00.
We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, have more online business services that you can add later on to your website through a small additional amount.
How can you avail this amazing offer – Online Business Marketing Services for Basic Web Presence?
All you have to do is fill up and send an order online through our order form that can be seen on our website. There is another way to avail this product and that is through contacting us over the phone. Our specialists await your call at the number 775-841-1876. We are in operation from Monday through Friday at times 8 am to 5 pm in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time.
Before providing you with our Online Business Marketing Services, we require a contract signing as proof of purchase and the completion of your payment, which can be done online, or over the phone.

Payroll Services

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, will take on your payroll management and accounting for you!
Favored by more than 22 states, the Acacia Business Solutions provides payroll services for any company with a number of employees ranging from 75 to even a thousand.
We all know the difficulties we experience in doing the business’s or the company’s payroll. Time is one of the keys to the company’s success. However, accounting eats up too much time especially when you do the manual computations of each and every one of your employees’ payroll. Can you imagine all the work you could have done, only if you do not have to worry finishing the payroll? The workplace should only be a place for work and not for accounting. That is why we provide you with the answer to your payroll troubles. We will ensure you at the Acacia Business Solutions that we will take on your payroll handlings with our top-notch performance in both accounting and administration.
Have you ever considered outsourcing for your accounting department?
Choosing an outsourced company to work on your payroll could save you more money and certainly save you more time in doing all the payrolls. We ensure you that the payroll is completed and done without risking the quality of the company’s goods or services. This will result in giving the company more profits. So, why waste your time and hard work on something that does not give you profits in return?
We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, could give you the best Payroll Services!
You will have enough time and money to do all the work that the company needs in order to gain more profits and progress. Let us take care of your payroll chores, and we will provide you with our highly recommended Payroll Services.
We do not only process your payroll; we also handle the accounting and administration.
Since we want to give you more time and less hassle on your payroll system, we also offer administration services for your payroll. We shall deal with the supervisory phase of retaining your payroll processes. This includes handling the essential information for your employees’ payroll. We also abide by the state’s laws regarding the employment terms. Therefore, you can be secure that each of our services is legal and safe.
Our Payroll Service also includes the processing of each employee’s payroll. This comprises of accounting for each and every employee’s paycheck which includes taxes, like withholding tax, and deductions, as well. We shall also give you the history report of the employees’ payroll accomplishments. We shall also be the one to prepare the required tax returns for each employee’s salary. This means that the earning reports shall be submitted to the state tax agencies.
We also have an online Payroll Processing system. This comes in handy when all you need is to process a payroll. All you have to do is log into our site and enter the necessary details on our payroll processing system. We shall then provide you with the processed payroll.

Record Keeping Services

The record keeping services help you to manage the evidences, documentation and the activities of the company to record in physical format. The record keeping is a system in which the data are collected, captured, maintained and created. It also ensures the preservation for evidential purposes and gives accurate information when needed. This record can be controlled and accessible only by authorized people in your business entity.

Purpose Of Using Record Keeping Services

The record keeping service basically maintains and keeps records. The records are the documents, data and other paperwork that is kept, and that can help you protect from any problems that might arise legally. You can use the service for protecting the business entity for liability and also it can give you planning and strategies. In record keeping, you can build integrity and preserve the corporate actions. When holding regular business meetings you can easily keep the minutes and other documents of the meeting. It can help for protection of liability of the business entity. We can provide you to have accurate records.

Activities that require documentation are:

*Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors
The corporations want to document their meeting; this is called minutes of the meeting or corporate minutes. It is an official record that requires documentation of the matter and time acted upon the meeting. The annual meeting of the Board of Directors is an assembly of shareholders of the corporation that is usually held every after the end of the company’s fiscal year.

*Changes of Directors
When one of directors of the business changes, it requires documentation and to contact your tax services office. It requires changing the registration information.

*Changes of Officers
The changes of officers require documentation that should be reported that the company is required in using an appropriate form.

*Annual Meeting of the Shareholders
The Corporations are required to hold an Annual Meeting and record the meeting minutes to be documented.

*Changes of the Shareholders
Every Corporation must maintain accurate records and immediately submit any changes to the government.

The corporation need of an authorized document template that is respected, or governed by English law, the Resolutions are made by the director of a person in the company.

*Vehicle Purchases or Leases
The vehicle purchases or leases are required to complete the Request for Approval to Lease a Vehicle Form. The documentation should be complete and appropriate with signature and date.

*Equipment Purchases or Leases
The equipment leases are documents that can be a contract or an agreement application form.

*Promissory Notes
The promissory notes are a negotiable document and agreement. It can be an installment of payments depending on terms.

*Real Estate Leases
The documentation like paper contracts should be kept for arrangement and for other legal purposes.

*Business Travel
There should be proper documentation with business travel. The expenses and the goals of the traveler should be stated properly.

How to Order:
You can order through online with our online form, or you can call our Technical Support and Specialist at our service numbers. We have regular hours of operation from Monday-Friday.

Registered Agent Services

The registered agent services will help your business fulfill all your needed requirements and stay in agreement with state regulations. The process will undergo through legal actions. Acacia Business Solutions will help you to satisfy all the requirements of the state law. Most of the corporation and an LLC or Limited Liability Corporation needs the registered agent services.

What Is a Registered Agent?

They are the ones who receive and forward the service of process or SOP to take legal action and documents in part of the business entity. They must be available during the business hours so they can correspond whenever they are needed. They can help you when lawsuits and summons arises during the operation of the business. The registered agent can be the third party such as a lawyer of the business or provided by the service company. They can be located at the address of the state which they will receive the paperwork for annual renewal of the business entity.

The function of registered agent in any kind of business entity is very important. It is hard for any business entity to keep track of statutory changes and report dates for numbers of authorities given by the law of the state.

The Advantages of Registered Agent Services

– The registered agent is also considered as the third party of the business and Corporation. They can help you handle all the legal documents and reports. Consider taking our registered agent services. We can help you to take more of the legal actions with the help of our service. Below are the list of advantages in taking our registered agent services.

– We offer registered agents that are available during the normal business hours to forward and receive the important legal documents and reports.

– Our registered agent services will deliver all of your documents on time. It can help you save a lot of your time because it can do all the hard work.

– The registered agent can mediate between the company and the public.

– It can save time and money when you designate a registered agent. Our service for a registered agent cost $100.

Generally the registered agent services can help you keep track of all the files, requirements of the business which can save you from paying damages and penalties. It is very important to designate statutory agent and failure to maintain it can affect the business negatively.

Our Service

We will provide you the registered agent information and help you to complete your registration and requirements filing with the state. Our registered agent service is billed annually. If you decided to replace your existing agent, you there is an additional cost applies.

How to Order:

We have complete online order form or call our Business Specialist at 775-841-1876. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Sign our contract and complete invoiced payment online or by phone.
We gather the appropriate information for a given company
We will send you copies of your records per your request.

Virtual Office Services

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, offer you Virtual Office Services in Nevada!
What is a Virtual Office?
It is an effective way to get all your business calls answered through an answering service such as the virtual office. A customer service representative that is trained skillfully to embody your business even without having an office at all! Services offered for your Virtual Office provides you with trained people who will manage your customers’ calls. It will also give your customers the impression of your business having a big and established office. This will certainly give your customers the feeling of security when dealing with your company.
Our Virtual Office Services in Nevada will provide your business with the virtual services it needs!
• We will provide you with a phone number that has the Nevada area code of 775. This will let the customers feel the genuine presence of your office being located in the state of Nevada while your Virtual Office may not really be there.
• We offer a 24-hour a day Virtual Office Service via a live customer service representative. This is done via your Nevada Phone Number. All the call messages received by the customer service representatives are forwarded to the email address that you have assigned. This means you can check and answer your customers’ messages anywhere and anytime you want!
• We accept Virtual Office Services for forwarding faxes. A fax number with the Nevada area code is also provided by our company for your business. All the faxes received by the phone number will be forwarded as well to your assigned email address. This will be automatically done via the system we use in our Virtual Office Services.
• We provide your business a Nevada mailing address that will enable us to accept mails or packages for your company. We can accept US Mail, UPS and FedEx packages then have them sent to you in your given address. We shall forward you your mails once a week via a first class mail to any address located in the USA. The packages received will be delivered to you via FedEx Ground. The shipping fee of the package shall be billed to you.
• We provide Secretarial Services, as well. We will provide you with skillful individuals to answer and attend to your customers that would visit the office address that we have provided.
• We can give you access to a conference room, if ever you will need one. The conference room can be used to achieve the sense of the corporate world especially whenever you need to conduct meetings with your business partners or clients.
• Our Virtual Office Services will entitle you on the list of the Nevada white pages that are certainly for free! With your preference, we can all cancel you out of the 411 listing to prevent having sales calls at your Nevada phone number.
We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, want you to experience the best and most convenient Virtual Office Services there is. Therefore, call or send us now your orders and get your Virtual Office right away!
Completion of your Virtual Office Services order can be done via online or over the phone. Talk to our specialist at the number 775-841-1876. Our lines are open from Monday to Friday at 8 am to 5 pm in Pacific Standard Time.
Contract signing and the completion of your payment are required before we issue you the receipt of your purchase.
Receive your Virtual Office Services now after your payment receipt has been issued!