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Record Keeping Services

Record Keeping Services for Effective Business Management:

Record keeping services are crucial for managing a company’s evidence, documentation, and activities in physical format. This systematic approach involves collecting, capturing, maintaining, and creating data. It ensures preservation for evidential purposes and provides accurate information when required, accessible only by authorized personnel within your business entity.

Purpose of Using Record Keeping Services: Record keeping services primarily maintain and secure records, protecting your business entity legally and aiding in planning and strategies. Accurate record-keeping builds integrity and preserves corporate actions, essential for liability protection. We offer services to help you maintain precise records.

Activities Requiring Documentation:

  1. Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors:
    • Documenting official minutes of the meeting is crucial for legal purposes and corporate transparency.
  2. Changes of Directors and Officers:
    • Any changes in directors or officers should be documented and reported promptly to the appropriate authorities.
  3. Annual Meeting of the Shareholders:
    • Corporations are required to hold an annual meeting, and minutes should be documented for legal compliance.
  4. Changes of Shareholders:
    • Maintaining accurate records of shareholder changes is mandatory for regulatory adherence.
  5. Resolutions:
    • Corporations need authorized document templates for resolutions made by directors.
  6. Vehicle and Equipment Purchases or Leases:
    • Proper documentation, including approval forms, contracts, or agreements, is necessary for compliance.
  7. Promissory Notes and Real Estate Leases:
    • Negotiable documents like promissory notes and real estate leases should be documented for legal purposes.
  8. Business Travel:
    • Maintain proper documentation for business travel expenses, clearly stating objectives.

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