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Record Keeping Services

The record keeping services help you to manage the evidences, documentation and the activities of the company to record in physical format. The record keeping is a system in which the data are collected, captured, maintained and created. It also ensures the preservation for evidential purposes and gives accurate information when needed. This record can be controlled and accessible only by authorized people in your business entity.

Purpose Of Using Record Keeping Services

The record keeping service basically maintains and keeps records. The records are the documents, data and other paperwork that is kept, and that can help you protect from any problems that might arise legally. You can use the service for protecting the business entity for liability and also it can give you planning and strategies. In record keeping, you can build integrity and preserve the corporate actions. When holding regular business meetings you can easily keep the minutes and other documents of the meeting. It can help for protection of liability of the business entity. We can provide you to have accurate records.

Activities that require documentation are:

*Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors
The corporations want to document their meeting; this is called minutes of the meeting or corporate minutes. It is an official record that requires documentation of the matter and time acted upon the meeting. The annual meeting of the Board of Directors is an assembly of shareholders of the corporation that is usually held every after the end of the company’s fiscal year.

*Changes of Directors
When one of directors of the business changes, it requires documentation and to contact your tax services office. It requires changing the registration information.

*Changes of Officers
The changes of officers require documentation that should be reported that the company is required in using an appropriate form.

*Annual Meeting of the Shareholders
The Corporations are required to hold an Annual Meeting and record the meeting minutes to be documented.

*Changes of the Shareholders
Every Corporation must maintain accurate records and immediately submit any changes to the government.

The corporation need of an authorized document template that is respected, or governed by English law, the Resolutions are made by the director of a person in the company.

*Vehicle Purchases or Leases
The vehicle purchases or leases are required to complete the Request for Approval to Lease a Vehicle Form. The documentation should be complete and appropriate with signature and date.

*Equipment Purchases or Leases
The equipment leases are documents that can be a contract or an agreement application form.

*Promissory Notes
The promissory notes are a negotiable document and agreement. It can be an installment of payments depending on terms.

*Real Estate Leases
The documentation like paper contracts should be kept for arrangement and for other legal purposes.

*Business Travel
There should be proper documentation with business travel. The expenses and the goals of the traveler should be stated properly.

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