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We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, will assist you in building your dream business. It may be a Corporation, S Corporation, C Corporation, LLCs, or LLPs.

What are corporations?
Corporations are businesses which practices the principle of incorporation. This means that there are the sole proprietor and shareholders in which share ownership of the business. There should be at least one shareholder in the business before it is considered a corporation. However, the proprietor has the most power over the Corporation. Fortunately, the shareholders in the Corporation prosper with limited liabilities. A Corporation has the choice on the amount of earnings to be circulated, and the amount of earnings to use as savings.

What are S Corporations?
S Corporations have the same requirement like the Corporation. It must also have at least one shareholder. However, the number of shareholders in the S Corporation is limited to only a hundred. An S Corp can also accept services from their own shareholders. However, the services provided by the shareholders must be paid with the right rate of salary. The salary earned should not be included in the earnings amount that the Corporation can use for distribution or use for savings.

What are C Corporations?
C Corporations are what we all commonly call as a general Corporation. It has the features of a Corporation that everybody is familiar with. The C Corp can have as many shareholders as it can have. This type of Corporation is usually chosen by business owners that would like to build an enormous company. Again, the shareholders in this type of Corporation have also very limited liabilities.

What are LLCs?
LLC is what we call Limited Liability Company. Therefore, it is not considered as a corporation but a company. This is the best one to choose if you want to build a small business. It also has the same benefits as what the corporations have. It only differs in the sense that it also practices the principle of pass through tax policy of the business owner.

Why Choose LLC over Corporation?
• It has a flexible management in which you can choose the best one for the company.
• It does not have the ownership restrictions like the IRS’ in an S Corporation.

What are LLPs?
It is a form of partnership and another type of company which means the Limited Liability Partnership. The liability of the partners in this type of company is also limited depending on the partner’s input in the company. It means that what the other partner does, should not affect the other partners. There are also different requirements of an LLP depending on what state the business is built. There are some that needs insurances for the liabilities. Most of the states only allow professionals to have this business type.

We, at the Acacia Business Solutions, will help you build and choose the type of business you want to have. We can help you save money while building your business through the services that we can provide you with. We will assist you in the registration for your business’s EIN, sales taxes and even IRS licenses.

So, what are you waiting for? Our top-notch specialists are waiting for your call at 775-841-1876. We can assist you with your personal or business account through our accounting services.

Worrying about seasonal taxes?
We provide tax filing services for Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs. We use the e-file service for forms on Personal Income Tax in 50 states. Our tax filing services are quick, secure, and free of errors!

Here, is a list of Taxes that we help you file:
• Business Income Taxes- Fast Electronic Filing
• Personal Income Taxes – Quick Refunds via Electronic Filing
• Sales Taxes for Businesses
• Payroll Tax (Issue of Electronic Checks and Payments with Our Full Service)
• Handling Audits & Tax Problems with IRS, Sales Tax, Nevada Income Tax, State Insurance Fund, Workers Compensation Board, & Other Insurers.