How to Officially Terminate Your Company

All states require proper paperwork for permanently closing your Corporation or LLC. It is important to properly and legally close your company if you no longer intend to operate the business. The Articles of Dissolution will prevent you from having to pay or file any further taxes or State annual fees on the company. Businesses must complete dissolution filings to end their business with the state. The Secretary of State requires fees as part of this process.


Don’t Let Your Company Lapse

Avoid letting your company lapse or allowing the state to dissolve it. Permitting your company to lapse can present a number of problems:

  • Owners become personally liable for judgments against the business.
  • States may continue to assess penalty and interest fees.


Place Your Dissolution Order Now  

  • Request help filing a dissolution.
  • Make payment and provide basic information about your company.
  • We notify you of the registration costs and provide the appropriate paperwork and fee breakdown.
  • You complete, sign, and return the paperwork to us for submission to the state.
  • Once the state approves your filing, we send you the official document.


Paypal button $95 service fee

**State fees and tax clearance (if applicable) are not included in the service fee. You are required to pay any applicable state filing fees to complete the service.

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