Register your Business in Another State

Register to do Business in another state. A dba (Also known as “Doing Business As” or a “Fictitious Name”) is a business that is not separate from its owner, just a different name that the business operates under.   How to get Started: DBA’s are typically filed at the County Clerk’s office or at the State level. Getting a DBA or FBN can be a complicated task. There are thousands of counties in the United States and each has its own particular filing requirements. Some jurisdictions require a separate publishing in a newspaper that notifies the public of your intent to “do business as” another name.


Do I Need a DBA?

Example:If you are named John Doe and wanted to operate as “JD Enterprises”, you would need to file a DBA so that you can

  • operate under that name
  • open a company bank account to accept payments made to “JD Enterprises”.

If your business is already set up as a corporation or an LLC, and you want to do business under a different name than your existing corporate or LLC name, you will need to file a DBA.


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